Understanding lithium polymer battery and energy storage battery

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Internal structure of the battery

Lipo battery can be divided into rectangular and cylinder. The inner arrangement is coil, which places an extremely exact and extremely permeable polyethylene picture between cathode and anode for a partition. The anode includes the Li-ion collector produced in Lithium and CoO2 and the present collector produced in aluminum film. The cathode includes Li-ion collector produced in carbon sheet stuff and present collector produced in bronze film. The battery is full of natural electrolyte solution. In any case, there are security valve and PTC component shielding the battery at the abnormality or short out. The voltage of single cell is 3.6V, which isn't the boundless capacity.  

Characteristics of the battery

  1. Higher weight-energy pace, volume-energy pace.
  2. High voltage. The single cell voltage is 3.6V, which translates into 3 nickel-cadmium battery or NI-MH battery set in string.  
  3. No memory effect.  Lipo battery doesn't have the so-called memory impact s Lithium-cadmium battery, thus there's absolutely no need to release it prior to charging.  
  4. Long lifespan.  From the common working state, the cycle times of discharging and charging is greater than 500.  
  5. Energy storage can be very quick and more efficient. It can be charge in 1 to 2 hours.
  6. It is by far the most innovative "green" battery of earth, since it doesn't endanger the environment and doesn't have the heavy metallic component like cadmium, mercury or lead.  
  7. High price. Compared with other Sorts of batteries, the Lipo battery is much pricier.

The protective circuit  

The protective circuit of 2 cells is made up of both field-effect tubing and committed protective manifold block; overcharging controller valve and above releasing control valve are from the circuit in string, which can be supervised and controlled from the protective IC. When voltage reaches 4.2V, the overcharging protective tubing ceases and charging ends. To prevent errors, postponed capacitance is added to outside circuit.  From the reset procedure, once the voltage becomes 2.55V, over releasing control valve stops charging the load. Over-current evaluation is to utilize the on resistance of field-effect tubing as the evaluation immunity and oversee the voltage fall, quitting charging when transcend the established value. There's delayed circuit at the circuit to change the spike current and short-circuit present. That circuit has entire purpose, dependable functionality. It's professional and the manifold block can't be bought readily, therefore the amateurs are tough to fabricate.

The Best manufacturer of lithium polymer battery

Dongguan Large Electronics Co., Ltd. is the best lipo battery manufacturer in the industry.

The company was founded in 2000. Headquarter of the business is located at Dongguan, a renowned industrial city in China.  For the previous ten years, as a high tech ecological energy firm specializing in battery program, the business has established long-term business relationships with more than 500 industrial consumers and won broadly recognition among them.  LARGE's market share in China has annually increased in a rate of 30%. Professional staff, innovative technology and perfect support network have allowed the company to completely meet person, varied and international-standard requirements from industrial customers.

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