Making your first Color book

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Color books! This reminds us of children holding color books in hand with a bunch of color crayons. But color books are no more limited to children. If you are someone who loves coloring but feeling awkward just because you are not a kid anymore, then don’t worry. There are two types of color books available—one for children and another for adults. Adult color books are for you. No matter which category you fall, color books are amazing, and you shouldn’t give up if you love coloring.

If you have stopped coloring because you didn’t find the right color book for you- then why don’t you make your own! DIY color books are easy to make, and you can implement your creativity into it. 

In this article, we will guide you on how to make your first color book. With these tips and tutorial, you can make children’s coloring book as well as an adult coloring book.

If you are looking forward to creating coloring books for sale, this article can help you in making color books that people actually love to buy.

Research Audience

This part falls in the first place if you are making color books to sell. You have to do mandatory research to find out who your target audience is. 

  • Whether the color books are for children, adults or both?
  • Do they purchase color books online or offline? 
  • If they purchase online what are the features they search for?

If you are making a color book for your uses, then you can skip this section.

Decide the Size and Alignment

Before you start making a color book, you have to decide how big your color book will be. By the way, you can make it any size as per your choice, but it is easiest to print 8.5*11’’ from home.

If someone wants to flip through the color book but the color book has a messed up alignment of vertical and horizontal images. It may seem harsh to the viewer. So, you have also to take care of the alignment.

Choose a Theme

The important part of making a color book is- choosing an appropriate theme. Each color book has a specific theme and you have to select something that spreads fun and happiness through a variety of scenes or images. Pick up images that actually bring a smile on someone’s face and convey a message to the audience. 

Plan the Color Medium

You have to choose the medium of color you are going to use. For example: If you create a color book that needs a marker to color the pages, then you have to make single-sided pages. Because double-sided pages color books can’t bear the marker’s heavy pigments. For watercolors you have to make broad lines whereas for colored pencils small and precise space is fine.

Create the illustration pages

In simple words, Start drawing. Once the design is finalised you have to draw the outlines. 

You can either use an illustration tablet or can hire a designer. In one case you need an expensive (less expensive can also workout) gadget to draw the outlines and once it is done you can simply take out the PDF format.

In the second option, you have to hire a designer—someone who can understand your needs and turn your wants into catchy outlines. 

But what to do if you can’t afford any of the above?

Not all of us can afford to buy an illustration tablet or to hire a designer. In this case, you can start using Adobe illustrator. Get some tracing paper and black ink pen. Start drawing on your own and scan it against a white paper background. Import the image into Adobe Illustrator and edit it using direct select tools.

      While drawing the freehand outline, don’t forget to use a pencil to make the initial outlines. So that you can make changes if any error occurs. Once you find the final piece of drawing, start making the outlines with a marker and don’t forget to erase the pencil outlines.


Choose the right paper to print

Select the appropriate paper quality to print your drawings. Here you have to choose whether the color book will be of single-sided or double-sided. But we recommend putting one illustration on the front of each page to avoid messy post colored books. 


Scan and print

Once you are done with drawing or illustrating the designs, scan them in a single size(8.5*11’’ paper size is recommended to get the best printing at home). Print the pages and organise them in order of your choice.

Create a cover that grabs attention

The cover page of the color book is to protect the drawings from any damage. But it would be best if you show off your creativity here too. Choose something that has an elegant and vibrant colored image. You can simply choose any of your best-outlined illustrations and color it. You can also get one extra illustration done by any professional to give your color book a luxurious look.

Bind the pages

This option is not mandatory but gives your color book a safe and secure long-lasting life span. You can choose any of these 3 types binding style: Saddle Stitch, Spiral, and Wire-O

Now your first ever color book is ready! Happy Coloring!!

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