Keep your children protected from viruses during Summer

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Usually, with the summer season approaching, people get themselves ready to have an ultimate blast in the pool and water fun. Kids are especially eager to go out of their homes and roam around, play in the parks with their friends, just have a nice time and forget all about the homework and tests. But the summers are not the same anymore, they are getting hotter and hotter each year, and this year particularly has been different due to Coronavirus. There is no surprise over there as people today spend a lot of time at home with their family and friends. But that was their choice, due to the coronavirus pandemic you don’t have any option but to stay at home if you want to be safe. But this doesn’t mean that you can not have fun. Kids at a young age have a lot of energy in them. It needs to be channeled, which is exactly what you can do with these simple ideas by investing time and little money in things like a barbeque or inflatable water pool with blow up water slides. These ideas are surely fun and safe. Fun because they are not monotonous and you get to play and have fun in pools and they are safe because they let you and your kids stay at home and be protected by coronavirus and heat stroke.

It would be advised that you keep on practicing the basic precautionary measures and make sure that your kids follow them too such as washing hands frequently and on regular basis, especially before eating food, teach them to use the elbow bend to cover their mouths while sneezing or coughing, tell them, again and again, to avoid touching their faces especially eyes, nose, and mouth as these are the place from where the bacterias and infections get into your body.

We recommend that you don't let your kids go out alone, without an adult, as they might forget to follow any of the above mentioned precautionary measures. And there are some more that need to be followed such as staying away from others at least 6 feet, wearing face masks at all times when in the outside atmosphere. And kids might get irritated by the constant cover on their faces, which is why an adult needs to be with them at all times to make sure they don’t remove their masks.

However, you do want your kids to enjoy their summer and at the same time you want to protect them from coronavirus so here are some amazing ideas on how you can make your children’s summer amazing and memorable.

  • Barbeque day out

Having an amazing outdoor meal inside the premises of your home will help a lot. Kids love eating out in a beautiful atmosphere, setting sun, and running around, this is going to make their meal memorable. However, you need to be smarter and safer that can prevent a lot of problems. Make sure you and your family members, especially kids, wash their hands thoroughly before cooking or eating food. 

Along with that, remember not to keep food out for long, instead use coolers and put food in them. Avoid sharing utensils and also, kids love to run around so watch them closely so that they don’t burn themselves. 

  • Play area

If you have a small play area in your backyard where kids can run around and play games with their siblings then that is a major bonus for you. However, sometimes children get bored of playing in the same small space, which is why as parents you will have to be a little bit creative and include them in some activities such as decorating the play area, try to turn simple board games into life-sized games such as snake and ladder or ludo, this will excite them and will interest them in staying at home rather than going out.

If you don’t have a play area in the backyard then don’t worry, you can convert a room such as a kids’ room or storeroom or even the basement into a play area. You can paint them with bright colors, ask their advice on what will look good or how do they want their playroom, etc. As said earlier, you need to find ways to channel their energy.

  • Home swimming pools

This is a summer delight for everyone including kids. So if you have a swimming pool or hot tub at home, it’s a jackpot. You can easily manage to keep your kids at home. You can do a lot of fun things like making it a water ball pit where you can put a lot of colorful balls in it, or may just be lazy and lie on an inflatable tube floating around water, or have a bit of thrill sliding on a blow up water slide.

However, better be safe by following the basic safety measures, and along with that remember not to share accessories such as water goggles, snorkels, do disinfect them, and then clean them with normal water before using them.

  • Inflatable pools, bounce houses, trampolines

There is nothing to worry about if you don’t have a permanent pool at home. We have an even better idea, you can buy an inflatable pool for kids, they are safer as there is no hard surface or object that can hurt kids. To make things more interesting and bouncy, you can buy a bounce house with a pit in it. This way you can use it for multiple purposes such as using it dry for playing or you can fill the pit with water and convert it into a bounce house pool. Kids are going to love this idea. You can also get some add ons with it such as a basketball hoop or blow up water slides.

A lot of people these days are buying trampolines for their kids. A trampoline is a very good thing to channel your children’s energy as they are very good for physical activities and it helps your children grow physically such as height, strength, etc. Also, jumping helps a lot in boosting the circulation of blood in the body.

All these ideas will excite your children greatly and it will help you in keeping them safe at home, they will not get bored, in fact, they will remember and cherish these memories forever. 

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