A Fashion Guide to Your First Rave (Girls)

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Your first rave is one of life’s memorizing experiences. Lose yourself in an ocean of pretty lights, great music, and unworldly attendees. For an event like this, you’re going to want to look your best. But with all of the rave gear out there, it can be hard to find comfortable and fashionable outfits. Today, we are going over all of the best options for you to wear to your first rave.

Disclaimer: Sorry guys, this one's for the ladies. So, unless you’re trying to get your girlfriend a killer rave outfit, you probably won’t find much here.

Rave Tops/Bras

bra top can be the best/worst decision you make when getting rave ready. Remember that these raves can get hot (temperature but you can also spot some people getting hot), so the less you have on the better. But you may not always be so lucky.


  • Light and easy to dance in.
  • Sexy and sweet at the same time.
  • It can easily be altered.


  • A bit revealing (unless you’re okay with that).
  • Sunburn can screw up your whole week. Be careful if your venue is outdoors.

Rave Bikinis

Similar to the bra top, the full bikini is a bold yet sexy statement to make. Heads will roll as you and your crew enter. Get ready for a wild time.


  • They are interchangeable with other outfits so you can have a backup plan.
  • Perfect if there’s water involved!
  • Comfortable


  • Not good at all for colder weather.
  • Potential wardrobe malfunction.

Rave Jewelry

Getting fully involved in rave jewelry is an entire rabbit hole itself. When you go to your first rave, you’ll see people with the craziest designs on their rave gear. What makes a good rave is a combination of great music and vibrant visuals.


  • Amazing pieces of art that you can keep for a lifetime.
  • Be a part of the culture, ravers love pretty sights.
  • A fun hobby that can sharpen your crafting skills.


  • Easy to misplace.
  • Fragile

Quick Tip

If you’re going to be purchasing any rave gear, always be on the lookout for high-quality items only. Raves can get messy, so you want to make sure your clothes are still wearable afterward. If your festival is longer than one day, make sure to prepare to shower (you won’t regret this one, trust us).

One last thing…

We hope now you have the confidence to go shopping for your first rave. Just remember that not all raves are created equal, and that’s what makes them a stellar experience. Be ready for anything!

Fortunately, you’ll get the hang of it after a few good raves. Try to make this a night to remember, and make sure to have the best outfit.

There’s a huge raver community online. Make sure to check out what other people are doing and see how you can have your creative edge. Raving is all about expressing yourself, so you don’t hold back.

Happy Raving!

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